Lucky fish – Chinese New Year craft

Last year when Talitha was three-and-a-half, she and I really got into Chinese New Year with lots of reading, looking and videos and, of course, crafting.

Fish appear a lot in Chinese New Year iconography as symbols of good luck. So, this lucky fish craft fit right in with our Chinese New Year wall display on the go (we need to start this year’s!) and worked those fine motor skills too.

Chinese New Year craft - Lucky Fish-2

We used:
a red paper plate
a marker
stick on eyes
glue pen
gold glitter
hole punch
pipe cleaners
a small measure of gold rick rack
a red rectangle of card (for the “luck” symbol)

What we did:
I wrote the “luck” symbol on the card and let Talitha trace it with glue pen and sprinkle glitter on top (obviously they can do it all if they’re old enough).

I drew a fish shape onto the paper plate (including the mouth) and she cut it out. She struggled a bit with this so she did some and I did some. She’d be fine with it this year, though. She drew scales, traced them with glue and added glitter, and stuck on the eyes.

Chinese New Year craft - Lucky Fish

I punched holes into the tail and she threaded the pipe cleaners through, twisting each one. I helped when she tired of twisting.

I used glue to stick the “luck” symbol to the rick rack and the rick rack to the fish.

Lucky Fish Craft - Chinese New Year

Good luck. 🙂

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