Make a Christmas Wreath from Natural Objects

Sadly, I didn’t have my camera with me when we made this. Alas! We were at my in-laws for the weekend and we swapped this craft into Talitha’s Advent Calendar activity for the day for convenience. I’m so in love with it, though, I need to share it.

Make a wreath from natural objects

We started off with a metal hanger and stretched the body of it into an “O”. The hook broke off, otherwise that would have been useful to leave for hanging. The neck of the hook has been useful in its stead though.

We’d collected holly, ivy and some other fun bits of brush on a walk out in the countryside. These were attached using green floral wire, adding bits until it all looked nice and bushy.

Make a wreath - add some colour

We slotted in this cute decoration my mother-in-law wasn’t using to add some detail and Talitha painted some of the berries with red nail varnish.

Then I made a big bow using a length of ribbon triple folded then tied into a bow. I then flared out all three of the bows it formed and cut the loops on the ends.

Make a wreath - the bow

We created a loop with some more floral wire in order to hang it and, there we go, Christmas wreath!

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