Make Easter Fridge Magnets

I was really reluctant to plan many Easter activities with Talitha, in case it proved too difficult with Ophelia in these early days. I figured that we could fit something in on the weekend with Laurence around, though, so looked forward to getting crafty with the bits and bobs Bostik sent us for this month’s project.

Bostik Blu Tack glitter pen and glu dots.jpg

I figured we’d make fridge magnets – double the fun as Talitha could play with them afterwards. The challenge was to have fun playing with Bostik Blu Tack glu dots and glitter pen.

Cutting out the chicks for fridge magnets.jpg

First, we lay card paper on a sheet of yellow felt. I drew chick shapes on the card and cut them out of the paper and the felt. We stuck the felt to the card using glu dots.

Chick shapes for fridge magnets.jpg

Talitha decorated the chick with a goggly eye and a foam sticker flower for a wing.

Decorating chick for fridge magnet.jpg

She added a beak with the glitter pen.

Drawing a beak with bostik glitter pen for Easter fridge magnet.jpg

She then stuck pipe cleaner pieces between the card and felt to give the chick feet.

Adding feet to the chick fridge magnet.jpg

Aren’t they sweet? Talitha thinks so.

Easter chick fridge magnets.jpg

She also used foam stickers and Bostik glitter pens to make a flower. It is Spring, after all.

Easter flower fridge magnet.jpg

Then we got down to business making an Easter bunny. I cut a bunny shape out of a sheet of foam for her. Apparently pink means this bunny is a girl. Ah well.

Cut out Easter bunny for fridge magnet.jpg

Again, Talitha decorated the bunny, sticking on eyes, ribbon and buttons using Bostik glu dots and adding a nose and shoes with Bostik glitter pens.

Decorating Easter bunny fridge magnet.jpg

She also made an Easter egg for good measure. I’m not sure she understands what chocolate eggs are yet, though. To make the magnets easier to move around, we stuck wooden clothes pegs to the back and magnets to the pegs. Glu dots did the job for now but I think I’ll reinforce them with the glue gun, actually.

Easter fridge magnets

This was such a fun little project and Talitha gets such a kick out of these magnets that I think we might do this again with another theme.

Make Easter fridge magnets.jpg

What do you think?


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