Make Heart-Shaped Crayons

Back in December, Talitha and I made these sweet little heart-shaped crayons for her cousin as a wee Christmas gift. I figured, with Valentine’s Day next month, this might be inspiring for anyone looking for someone heart-y to do with their toddler in the lead-up. We’ve found a few broken crayon odds and ends (and a general excess of crayons!) so we’ll be making more.

Make heart-shaped crayons

We used a silicone baking tray, normally used for chocolate making. We gathered some crayons and some lovely, super-fine iridescent glitter to add another bit of fun to the finished product.

Make heart-shaped crayons - materials

Then we both smashed the heck out of the crayons using dinner knives. Talitha sort of took little bits of them and I did the heavier work.

Make heart-shaped crayons - break them up

We laid them all out by colour, just for fun.

Make heart-shaped crayons - lay your colours out

And she filled the tray. She sprinkled some glitter in beforehand and every few pieces she added I’d suggest she shake in some more to get the glitter all the way through.

Make heart-shaped crayons - fill the tray

The tray went into the oven at 100C for 10 minutes. We left them to cool, then popped them out. Magic.

Make heart-shaped crayons - melt and cool

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