Makey Mamas and How to make a natural teething bar for your baby

A few weekends ago, I enjoyed trying out a Makey Mamas workshop to learn how to make simple, natural skincare products for the whole family.

I first heard about Makey Mamas in the various Bristol Facebook groups I’m on and was intrigued. Offering creative classes specifically for mothers, from newborn photography to crocheting booties to sewing harem pants, they sounded great fun and value for money with most classes costing around £25 and less.

Makey Mamas - creative workshops for pregnant women and mums of young babies-5

I love the ethos of the company from the idea of getting mothers together to create to their commitment to using repurposed and organic materials. The Makey Mamas Facebook Page, which also doubles as a blog is often a source of entertainment and education.

We tend to avoid using harsh chemicals in our home and on our skin but “natural” products can be pricey and, honestly, a bit hit and miss in terms of how well they work. So I was intrigued to try making my own.

A weekend class suited me well with Laurence dropping me off and taking the kids to the central library for the morning.

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We started by introducing ourselves and saying a little bit about what brought us to the class. One participant mentioned that she just loved learning alongside other women and this really resonated with me, especially once the class was over and I was positively radiating with what an informative and empowering experience this turned out to be.

That’s the thing, on the face of it I might have thought, “Oh, but I can just Google stuff or buy a book and whip up something”. Some people might but actually sitting down and exploring natural ingredients and essential oils, talking about their benefits and the care you need to take with them then actually making stuff right then and there has helped me walk away knowing that I can confidently do this.

Misty Tunks who runs the workshop is a wealth of information about skincare, essential oils, making and even beekeeping (so we learned some fascinating stuff about beeswax and bees hives!)

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All the materials and equipment, including portable stoves, were laid out. We made three very different products: a bar, a balm and a cream. We specified whether it would be for us or our babies to decide how many drops of each essential oil would be included. We also had a list of essential oils and their benefits to help us personalise the products to our needs. I’m including a teething bar recipe at the end that I made for Ophelia, who’s been teething hard at the moment.

Makey Mamas - creative workshops for pregnant women and mums of young babies

In addition to the products we’d made, we walked away with a surprisingly thorough pamphlet of notes about making skincare products. I’m looking forward to making more at home. I left the workshop buzzing. If I were pregnant, I’d totally be doing the bump casting workshop next. I’ll certainly book on to another class in the future.

Check out the Makey Mamas creative workshops available here. They even have a couple of Christmas gift making sessions.

On to the recipe I promised!

Baby teething bar recipe  Makey Mamas

Natural Baby Teething Bar

20g cocoa butter
20g coconut oil
20g beeswax
6 drops of lavender oil

Combine all ingredients except lavender oil in a double boiler. Stir constantly until melted. Remove from heat and stir in the lavender oil. Pour into molds (we used cupcake liners and a cupcake tin). Allow to cool completely before removing from molds. Makes 1 bar.

Makey Mamas - creative workshops for pregnant women and mums of young babies-2

I was invited to attend this workshop for free but I’ve gone on and on about it because it really was that good.

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