Making heart ornaments – Crafternoon Tea with Shloer

Did you see that episode of Dragon’s Den where the charming people from The Makery were seeking investment? I fell in love with their craft business and wanted to go visit it in Bath but never got around to it. What a treat, then, to be invited to a crafting session with them at a “crafternoon” tea organised by Shloer yesterday.

The Greenway Hotel and Spa
Can you spot the bloggers’ children? Talitha and Purple Mum‘s Wonder Girl pose without us even asking.

Bloggers and children gathered at The Greenway Hotel and Spa for an afternoon of making, munching and Shloer tasting. I’m pretty pleased simply to have found a festive non-alcoholic drink that won’t make me feel like I’m missing out over the holiday season. The Shloer Celebration White Bubbly is the first cold beverage I’ve had since falling pregnant that’s felt like a grown-up drink. I didn’t grow up in a drinking house so I’m well acquainted with sparkling juice drinks and have generally found them wanting (to put it mildly) but I would honestly, happily, recommend this one.

Schloer Celebrations

When The Makery revealed the materials we’d be working with – quirky patterns, stylish ribbons, cheerful buttons – audible delight lilted through the room. We were going to make heart ornaments.

Fabrics from The Makery

Ribbons from The Makery

First we traced heart shapes onto the fabrics.

Make a heart ornament - trace the shape

Talitha joined in where she could and found other ways of entertaining herself for the grown-up bits.

His name is Fred
The children were given these dolls. Hers is called Fred. She insisted that he’s a baby and that he be tucked into bed with her last night.

Having gathered materials and planned the ornament, it was sewing time.

Materials for making a heart ornament

Notches needed to be cut going around the heart to ensure a smoother shape.

Cut notches into hearts

Talitha enjoyed stuffing it. It’s now hanging in our kitchen. I kind of wish I’d made it more festive but she still claims “It’s Christmas!” So who am I to disagree?

Stuffing the heart

We also blind tasted four of the options for next season’s limited edition Shloer flavours. I was pretty awful at guessing what any of them were. Maybe I’m just not a creature of change but I much prefer the flavours I’m already familiar with.

Crafternoon Tea with Schloer

I’m just stoked to have found Shloer Celebrations, particularly the White Bubbly. I was given a bottle to take away so I’ll be sinking that when everyone else is hitting the booze this Christmas. At £2.99 a bottle, I won’t mind buying me some more.

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