Taking the edge off “The Arse”

So I haven’t done a great job at hiding my impatience. Can you imagine what I’ll do if I go far overdue? I started off being antsy but am reaching the stage eloquently branded by Muddling Along Mummy as “The Arse”.

According to her it’s a sure sign that things are getting going. I wasn’t sure what she meant by “The Arse” either and she rewarded me with an explanation: “utterly completely f**ked off by everything & fly off the handle at slightest provocation”. Well, ahem, yes. It’s probably more than a bit accurate. Or at least, I’m getting there. Bloody hormones.

I’m fed up of not being able to walk properly, of getting pains that don’t seem to be materialising into labour, of not being able to hold anything in my bladder when I lie down at night.

But, you know what? I’m really fed up of drinking raspberry leaf tea. I know the research around it is anecdotal but a few girlfriends of mine swear by its efficacy in easing labour so I committed from 34 weeks (or was it 32? My memory’s getting woolly) to drinking it and building up my intake, in case it does help.

It was alright to start with but a friend warned that I’d soon get fed up and yes, by the time I was on four cups a day, the stuff tasted vile to me. My mum’s had a cup or two and doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Maybe I’m just ticked off by wasting my loo trips on herby, caffeine-free stuff instead of my pre-pregnancy five cups of coffee a day (I know, I know).

Anyhoo, a distraction from “The Arse” could not have come at a better time as a box full of Mama Tea infusions arrived today.

They sent them to me for review and I’m inordinately excited about giving them a go, especially since I think my beef with raspberry leaf tea is that I’m plain bored of it.

I've also become one of those people who thinks everything their pet does is brilliant

So my mum and I cracked open the box of Ready Mama, a blend including raspberry leaf, hibiscus rose petals, motherwort, rosehip, and echinacea leaf, claiming to be a “powerful birth preparation tea” – not that she’s pregnant (good grief, that would be weird) but she’s a herby kind of lady and it would do her no harm. And it just might do me a bit of good, seeing as I am certainly post the recommended 38 weeks for starting it.

I’m actually liking it. I hasn’t got that sickly-almost-sweet taste that I’ve come to associate with raspberry leaf tea and it genuinely smells floral. I can’t quite put my finger on it but there’s something nostalgic in that scent. Maybe the hibiscus hits me with memories of life in the tropics. I probably spent as much time sniffing it as I did sipping it.

Its flavour’s so light I didn’t feel like I was pushing through the cup, fighting for a cause, suffering for a better birth.

And even if it’s not doing a thing to my uterus, at least it seems to have take the edge off my arsiness.

My mama with her cup of Ready Mama tea, which, incidentally, she also liked

This is not a paid post but Mama Tea did send me a box full of teas to sample. Obviously, I’m not anything if not honest.

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  • I love your cats! We really want to get an Abyssinian cat cos they’re byootiful, but landlord won’t let us have any sort of furry animals. Definitely will be a prerequisite for the next abode we choose to inhabit.

  • Gorgeous kitty, gorgeous hands – and the tea looks lovely – though I have a pot of coffee brewing in the kitchen, and the thought of some sort of tea – any kind! – does NOTHING for me atm!! (It is 5:30 am, and mornings are time for coffee, methinks)

    On another point, being two weeks overdue with Nathan was one of the most torturous experiences of my life! Every day people would ask (in varying degrees of politeness) “are you STILL here?” until I literally felt like I wasn’t worthy to be alive, let alone a parent! Tears were shed, I tell you – and by the 2nd Sunday I was in hiding, unable to face any more looks or comments! Did they think I WANTED to ‘be here’????!

    On the other hand, friends who’d had children early were unspoken heroes of some kind!! When did society (or was it just Trini society, I wonder?) decide that giving birth early was so noble? As if anyone would continue in the discomfort of 40 weeks plus by choice!!

    ‘Eat plenty okra – it go help de chile slip out fas, nuh!’ Well, it didn’t, and there was nothing to do but wait…and wait…and WAIT!! (I’m not the patient type, as you know!)

    I think these days they probably don’t let people ‘go over’ the due date too long, but induce them instead…. I’m sure your precious creature will arrive without much delay, especially if you’re lucky enough to have inherited your mum’s genes in this regard 🙂

    I guess the really important thing is that she will arrive in God’s time…..strange, though, how His time often doesn’t coincide with ours, though!

    • A genuine LOL at the okra anecdote. I know what you mean though – when you give birth is certainly not connected to virtue or even health but people can say things that make it feel that way. This chile will come when she good and ready. My mum gave birth to me at 38 weeks. I’m 39+4 so that ship has sailed.

  • Nah, raspberry leaf tea is just plain filthy. Or it is, as you say, after the fourth cup of the day. Hang on in there though (she types from atop her bouncy ball)

  • I was just about sick to death of everything when i was at this stage of pregnancy. Here’s hoping it’ll all be over soon 🙂

    • It’s not meant to bring labour on but I’m intrigued by claims made for it helping with easing the birth and with recovery and milk production. Who knows though – not enough studies on it have been done.

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