Mother-to-be on a Mother’s Day

I haven’t taken much note of Mothering Sunday for the last six years. Partly it’s because Mother’s Day falls on a different day in our calendar.

We follow America on that one. It might also have a bit to do with the fact that I’ve mainly been a student during that time and it’s challenging to remember what day of the week it is in uni land, let alone what date Mother’s Day falls on each year. In fact, I only found out yesterday reading Travelling the Circle Line that it’s linked to Lent.

But mostly, I’m just not brilliant at the organisational side of gift giving. I’m a procrastinator by nature and while I like the idea of reminding someone that they’re loved and appreciated in a visual way, I often make everything so last minute that gifts either don’t happen or they’re not brilliant.

I’m also rather forgetful. My father actually reminded my brother and I a couple of years running when Mother’s Day was so we could call home. One year, I think I may have clean missed it altogether. Out of sight might be out of mind, Mum, but never out of heart.

This year I was a lot more conscious of Mother’s Day. I got the jibes that it was because I’m expecting big things next year (though I wouldn’t mind an…ahem…eternity ring if a certain person is reading this). Really, it had a lot more to do with this pregnancy making me appreciate ‘mothering’ and ‘motherhood’ a lot more.

I’ve found myself visualising my mother-in-law as a younger woman holding Laurence as a babe in arms. When I look at him, I see all the goodness both his parents poured into him and I am grateful to them.

So, we did Mother’s Day for real this year – in short, to be a bit less rubbish. And what it made me realise was that I don’t just consider Sarah my friend. I do actually see her as my mother-in-law and am glad that they only live about half an hour away.

Don’t worry, Mummy, I’ve marked the real Mother’s Day on our calendar!

PS: I wrote the word “mother” so many times in this post, it started to look weird to me and I actually questioned whether I’d misspelled it!

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