My baby has a baby

Poor, doll-deprived 20-month-old Talitha has decided that Bunny is her baby.

Bunny regularly has nappy changes and has recently begun to sit in a chair to join us for meals.

Bunny often needs to poo and always on the potty.

I now know the drill, a hair clip for Talitha only if there’s one for Bunny.

I’ve done my fair share of breastfeeding Bunny. She tells me off if I try to do it over my shirt. Silly mummy, shirt up, bra down. Well, OK.

I remind her it’s her bunny after all and she tenderly takes it into her arms, then not at all tenderly shoves it under her top for a quick feed.

But yesterday. Oh yesterday was too cute. I found her trying to tie Bunny to herself with a tea towel.

It became instantly clear what she was after so I wrapped Bunny with a scarf instead.

She’s already learning – there are so many beautiful ways to carry a baby.

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