My daughter’s womb

Do you know you have a womb?
You are so little you can hardly walk
You haven’t the language to say the word
And yet you have a womb.

Do you know that you were born with eggs
That will one day bleed into the world,
They grew inside me when I grew you
So your children have half-lived in my womb?

Do you know that we will one day speak
Of moon cups and tampons and pads and dreams?
I may teach you to chart so you can see
The beautiful seasons within your own body.

Do you know that a woman expands
Beyond the status of her fertility
That, whatever happens to your womb,
I want you to know your own creative power?

Do you know you have a womb?
You lived in mine then I gave birth to you
You latch my breast, gaze up and smile
With your six teeth, with your half-father half-mother eyes
It is only the beginning, too early to know what you will think of it ,
And yet you have a womb.

Image: Laurence Jarrett-Kerr

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