Revillaging podcast episode 3: Naomi Stadlen on mothers – vulnerability attracts

“I love the way mothering goes under the borders and connects people – I think this is our great hope for the future.”

– Naomi Stadlen

The third episode of Revillaging is live and it’s a particularly exciting one for me because it’s been an opportunity for me to meet and chat with Naomi Stadlen whose words I’ve found inspiring and healing.

Naomi is an existential psychotherapist, a La Leche League Leader, the facilitator of Mothers Talking which has been going for 29 years (!) and best selling author of What Mothers Do – especially when it looks like nothing and How Mothers Love – and how relationships are born. Naomi also has a new book out in April but currently available for preorder, What Mothers Learn – without being taught.

We talk about the identity loss new mothers often experience, how mothers learn to trust and feel safe with each other through talking and listening, the way vulnerability attracts us to each other and the new understanding of humanity mothers can take out into the wider culture, particularly when they feel supported.

Jump in here or listen wherever you get your podcasts. To improve the accessibility of this episode, it’s fully transcribed here.

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    • Yes, this is something Naomi talks about in a lot of places, including the episode. A time of privacy and an opportunity to relax into our new pace of life helps us to reconfigure before we rejoin wider society.

  • This is a fantastic podcast, thank you! This resonated so deeply with me as a ‘geriatric’ mother to a wonderful toddler (2.5 years). 🙂

  • This was a wonderful discussion, which made me smile many times. It addressed so many issues I’ve experienced as a stay at home mother to two children aged 4 & 1 and also about to begin home educating. I never went back to my job as a teacher and have felt isolated at times and always feel like I’m going against the grain despite doing something which feels so right and natural to me. It’s oddly counter-cultural now to be ‘just a mother.’ It took me almost 3 years to confidently tell people what I do and to finally feel secure in my choices despite being so happy and fulfilled with my decision. I love that this is being addressed – motherhood needs to be valued so much more than it currently is.

    • That’s wonderful to here. It’s really interesting how many connections you can draw between that early time with children and the home education journey. Thank you for sharing this. It’s a valuable addition to the conversation.