New Year’s Eve craft – Make a party hat

That time of month has rolled around again for us to create a craft from a box of goodies sent to us by Bostik and Craft Merrily. I know this might seem sacrilege to some but I’m already looking forward to the New Year. With only a week in between that in Christmas, this is a fun little craft to fit in with your kids at home, especially if the weather ends up keeping you indoors.

New Year's hat craft

What you’ll need:

A cone (either take a look in a craft shop or fashion your own by rolling the side of a cereal box, stapling it together and cutting the excess)
Glittery pipe cleaners (for the fireworks!)
Glittery pom poms and stickers to decorate (stars and snowflakes feature here)
A small measure of rick rack (to go around the bottom)
A sheet of coloured issue paper
Glu dots
A pair of scissors
A hole punch
Ribbon (to tie the hat to the wearer’s head)
Glitter glue (I ended up forsaking the purple glitter pictured above in favour of this – less mess)
A permanent marker

New Year's hat craft-19

What to do:

Use the glu dots to stick the tissue paper to the cone. Go gently when you’re sticking paper to paper to make sure it doesn’t tear. Tuck the ends of the paper inside the base of the cone.

New Year's hat craft-3

New Year's hat craft-2

New Year's hat craft-5

New Year's hat craft-6

Punch the holes for the ribbon to attach the hat to the wearer’s head. We did this after decorating the hat but it needs to happen beforehand, really, so your child knows where to avoid putting stickers.

Let your child loose, sticking where they please. If you attach glu dots the pom poms, they basically become stickers. Same with rick rack but you might have to help placing that one.

New Year's hat craft-7

New Year's hat craft-8

New Year's hat craft-12

New Year's hat craft-13

Cut off the tip and stick glittery pipe cleaners (cut in half) in as “fireworks”.

New Year's hat craft-9

New Year's hat craft-10

Write “Happy New Year” and circle it in glitter. Or, hey, write it in glitter.

New Year's hat craft-11

Thread the ribbon (cut in two lengths) through the holes and knot it on each side.

New Year's hat craft-15

New Year's hat craft-14

I think she’s thinking about her New Year’s resolutions.

New Year's hat craft-16

Have you started thinking about the New Year yet?

New Year's hat craft-17

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