November funk, be gone

I don’t know if it’s a touch of SAD or what but I’ve been in a serious funk lately and it’s affecting just about everything. In fact, I’ve really struggled to blog recently because I sit down, look at the screen and just wonder what’s the point of everything. Then I go to bed, struggle to sleep, have weird dreams and wake up grumpy the next day. Cycle repeat.

But, as with any block, the only way is through it. I so enjoyed reading Chasing My Village Cathy’s collection of online inspiration (and was touched that she included me – actually read it over the weekend when I was feeling particularly rubbish about things) that I thought I’d share what’s gradually helping me feel a bit brighter lately.

Here we go…

Singing with a newly started local a capella group.

This health blog my uni friend recently launched.

Looking forward to Advent and putting together a reading plan for the kids and me.

Buying At Bristol Science Centre membership.

Watching Ophelia get really proficient at bum shuffling. She doesn’t seem interested in crawling.

These unconventional tips for getting out of a parenting rut over on Lulastic and the Hippyshake.

Eating up our garden – the leeks are now ready and the kale, chard and spinach are still going.

This content platform. I could get lost reading all the good stuff here.

Focusing more on elimination communication. It’s been so, so good but I’m not ready to blog about it yet.

These DIY wig hairbands on another friend’s blog. Talitha’s going to find a couple in her stocking.

Seeing Talitha’s enthusiasm for art continue to grow and her drawing skills continue to develop.

Trying to make more of an effort to have date nights, even if they’re just in, watching Now TV.

So, what’s brightening up your November?

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  • Been feeling exactly the same! Worse, we’re all down with a bad cold and cough. Little T has even been off school for two days, it was that bad. For me, the only thing good thing about November is that it’s next to December! Just a few more days. I feel like such a kid … giddy and all 🙂

  • I think it must be seasonal. I’ve a touch of the same – I sit down to blog and find myself thinking, “Really? Who’d be interested in THAT?” and then I just toddle off to bed for weird dreams and not enough sleep. I think I need a proper break in the routine after a busy few weeks at work. But it’s nice to know it’s not just me. Maybe I’ll try your technique for getting through it 🙂
    Sally recently posted..Win a Gigaset Tablet in time for Christmas!

  • I really know that feeling – especially staring at the screen and wondering what the point is – my father was affected by SADS very bad – in fact when we did move over to the UK he would only come over the 6months at a time – for the summer months and then go back to South Africa for summer because he just couldn’t crack the winter here at all – people always find it funny because my parents where together and loved each other but it really worked for them.
    Thanks for sharing these links – going to check them out. I think just keeping active and spending time outdoors is helping me, as well as crafting and making good food x

    Laura recently posted..Kids dream bed

  • Ah I’m so happy to read this, mainly to know I’m not alone! I’ve felt like this for the last few days and I hate it, especially the bad dreams part. I wake up in a bad mood that doesn’t seem to go. Not helped by the fact I’ve had the most boring week indoors with sick kids! Thank you for mentioning my eig head bands too 🙂 x