Pacapod changing bag – function meets style

I’ve been trying out the new PacaPod Idaho-Marine changing bag and wishing this is were the changing bag I’d started out with. My changing bag history began with ugly but functional changing bags I’d been given and moved on to non-changing bags that ticked the boxes for me aesthetically but didn’t allow me to find a blessed thing.

Pacapod - stylish changing bag

I love that PacaPod combines both style and functionality. There are so many pockets! There are also two pouches inside that pull out and can be opened to lie flat. One for food and bottles (if this is what you need) and one for changing stuff. I could see that being particularly useful on a flight when you want to nip to the loo with just your changing bits.

My only gripe is that the changing mat is too small, in my opinion and the changing pouch can just about fit a couple of cloth nappies if they’re on the smaller side.

Pacapod - stylish changing bag-4

Other than that, the bag itself is very spacious and, provided that you don’t overpack, it’s brilliantly comfortable when worn across the body, which has worked well for me when I’ve had a baby in a hip or back carry in a sling.

The bag comes with hooks you can leave attached to your pushchair. They’re really rather useful if a bit fiddly. You can attach the pods on their own or the PacaPod itself.

Pacapod - stylish changing bag-3

This is a bag I happily use when I don’t have small children in tow. I could see myself continuing to enjoy it long after a changing bag is needed. The Idaho-Marine has a laid back look which is perfect for the every day but smart enough for situations that call for it. Read more about it here.

Thanks to PacaPod for sending me this bag for the purposes of this review.

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