No more crying over spilled milk

For the past week I’ve been telling myself and those who’ve asked about it that I’ve reached the point of acceptance. Our breastfeeding situation is what it is. I am no longer expecting exclusive breastfeeding to happen. The aim is now simply to give my daughter as much milk of her own species as I can for as long as I can, even if this ends up being only a few ounces. This has been called determination. I wonder if it’s also stupidity. If I had just gone with straight formula a few weeks ago, would I feel as rotten…

Best two years of my life

We were up at 4am with Talitha screaming and us tearing our hair out trying to work out why. She wouldn’t latch on to the breast so we got the supplemental nursing system out, poured in an ounce of milk I’d expressed earlier and thankfully the faster flow calmed her down enough for her to feed properly. I sat feeling sorry for myself because my milk supply has significantly dipped again. But even though he had to go to work and could seriously use the sleep, Laurence sat with me. He listened, he empathised, he longed to help. The worst…

What should I do with my placenta?

Don’t let me send you on rummage through my freezer if you’re squeamish. You might stumble across my placenta. Or maybe I should call it Talitha’s placenta? Just when you thought I’d never stop talking about my boobs and the breastfeeding battle they’re engaged in, I bring this in. I know. Sorry. Before getting pregnant I didn’t even know what a placenta was. In fact, I didn’t figure it out until I started writing the birth plan and read about the third stage where you pass this floppy organ the size of a dinner plate out. The more I learned…

My three babies – The kittens have lost their happy bits

Now I know why when I told everyone I was getting kittens a few weeks before the baby was due they said, “Wow” or “Are you sure?” I get why my husband kept saying: “It’s a lot of responsibility all at once.” But I’d just point to my burgeoning belly and scoff: “We’re no strangers to responsibility.” Oh naïve, pre-baby Adele. Sign up for my newsletter

The real boob tube: Learning to feed my baby with …

Had someone told me I’d be pouring milk into a container, hanging it around my neck and taping the tubes attached to it to my breasts I’d not have believed it. I’d tell them: “Bring on the bottle, mate.”

Formula for the breastfeeding relationship

I had said I was open to combination feeding if need be and after all the stress involved in making the decision to supplement with formula and expressed milk, I was actually surprised at what I felt giving her the bottle.

It was tongue-tie

I hate the fact that I’ve been underfeeding my daughter for all these weeks without knowing it, that I couldn’t work out what was wrong when all the time she was hungry.