Baby’s got milk…only just

A visit from a lactation consultant confirmed what I’d thought from week one. I’ve got a low milk supply.

She is not my son

I swore I didn’t care, wouldn’t flinch, would be cool if people thought my daughter was a boy.

Smack the mother

“How are you finding being a mum?” I get this question a lot. Understandably. It’s totally meant as a polite something to say.

Baby land: where the world turns slowly

Talitha hasn’t really been gaining weight. She didn’t lose much in the initial postpartum days but excitingly gained that and more by day ten. Two weeks later she’s gained nothing. Two weeks after that…

The reluctant co-sleeper

It became apparent that if we were to sleep, it would be in our bed. Maybe I’m lazy, maybe I don’t try hard enough, but at some point you’ve got to crack and say: “Look, I need some sleep.”

Three “mummy fails” in one month

My daughter’s first four weeks of life have been littered with – I want to call them misadventures…

The baby who sucked and sucked and sucked

All well and good but d’ya mean I have to have this girl on my breast every waking (and often, sleeping) hour? I love her, I enjoy her but if I can’t do the laundry or fix myself something to eat, I’ll go a little mad.