Due date dream

I dreamt last night that I was rushed to hospital after an arson incident and gave birth very stressfully within an hour. I didn’t care what was done to get the baby out and was alone.

Taking the edge off “The Arse”

But, you know what? I’m really fed up of drinking raspberry leaf tea.

Clothes from Gran

I don’t even have a whole cupboard to myself but this thing hanging off my middle has an entire room as her wardrobe and she’s not even born yet. What a diva.

Waiting for the real thing

Words I nodded at glassy-eyed and not understanding have gained utmost meaning: hormones like oxytocin, prostaglandins and bromelain. I’ve become an encyclopedia of useless knowledge about anecdotal ways to speed this thing along.

Getting the baps out: a boob journey into breastfeeding

The prospect of breastfeeding is both exciting and a little scary. Suddenly these baps aren’t just about me.

Going crazy towards the end – or is this nesting?

I think some pregnant women go a little bit crazy towards the end. Or at least this pregnant woman feels like she might be.

And the home birth’s back on (so far)

I’ve learned two lessons in the past three days: babies and bodies aren’t bothered with your plans, and medical tests can get it wrong the first time.