The race is on now that the lady stuck her …

So, now the race is on. I’ve had a ‘stretch and sweep’ – not fun I tell ye – in hopes that I’ll go into labour naturally otherwise I’ll be induced on Monday at 38 weeks and 1 day.

Affording the baby – so far

Modern reasoning would probably have asked why we were choosing now to have a child and whether it was “accidental”, especially with all these scaremongering news reports of how much it costs to raise the little buggers.

From MY pregnancy to OUR birth

When we found out that we were having a baby, Laurence was keen to say: “We’re pregnant.” I would usually respond along the lines of: “I’m the one whose nipples feel like they’re on fire, who’s losing her waistline and who’s spending mornings – and nights – by the toilet. I think I’m pregnant.”

Introducing new act to the circus Hero & Bojangles

Empty cat carrier in one hand, a backpack of litter-trays and grooming stuff and a trolley bag full of kitty litter and food, the villagers must have thought me mad yesterday. I deserve my SPD.

It’s hard work, learning to relax

Laurence bought me a voucher for a spa day at the Lido in Bristol for my birthday. He worried that I wouldn’t like it and I could see why. I’m rubbish at relaxation.

My write room

HerMelness invited me to expose my writing space about two weeks ago but I procrastinated and uh, forgot.

What I’d change about my wedding day

I smugly tweeted yesterday that I couldn’t think of anything I’d change about our wedding, wondering if it was because it was only a year and seven months ago. But as soon as I’d said it, I knew it wasn’t true.