Planning a second baby – already?

I’ve been thinking I need to write a letter to myself to remember that I don’t want to do this again in a hurry. I mean, what if the weird hormones running through my body suddenly tell me that having two babies at the same time is no great shakes?

I thought about corpses this Easter

Another long weekend stretched ahead of us, we felt we should do something more than just lull about reading in our garden this weekend. So, we ended up in a small room looking at a naked corpse and working out what that meant.

Hot date in the hospital

We sat in the overheated hospital room, hemmed in by a curtain and feeling very One Born Every Minute. Yesterday had been planned as the last day of our babymoon, with a choice between the museum and a forest walk. Sitting in a bleachy room and having me finally discover what a speculum is had not been on the menu.

The Thursday I turned 25 and liked it

I started off planning to blog about woman-focused pornography today and then remembered that it will be my birthday.

The sweary verse strikes again

We annoyed each other last night as we sometimes do. The better you know each other, the easier it is to hit those pressure points.

That bad word, “homemaker”

I’ve instinctively struggled with the idea of gendered roles in marriage since we got engaged two years and two months ago. I’d like to think I’m closer to settling the matter in my mind by now but every time I turn a corner I find myself pausing, uncertain of where to go.

Five things to do before the baby comes

At thirty-three weeks pregnant, the countdown has begun. Laurence asked me yesterday if we’re in the third trimester yet. I pray he was joking. At any rate, I’m determined to make the most of these next seven (or five or nine or God alone knows how many) weeks.