Five things to do before the baby comes

At thirty-three weeks pregnant, the countdown has begun. Laurence asked me yesterday if we’re in the third trimester yet. I pray he was joking. At any rate, I’m determined to make the most of these next seven (or five or nine or God alone knows how many) weeks.

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No doula this time – I’ll just have my mum

When Laurence asked, “What’s a doula?” it finally occurred to me that it might not be the greatest idea for us to do this on our own. Perhaps we could use a little extra support.

Nominate me for a MAD blog award

I started this blog back in November with a post about what I should call my fetus. It was strange time.

Mother-to-be on a Mother’s Day

I’ve found myself visualising my mother-in-law as a younger woman holding Laurence as a babe in arms.

A BabyBash not a baby shower

If he and his mates would be there, baby food tasting and nappy folding competitions were not going to work.

Kittens, coughing and something like helplessness

I often joke that Laurence is the real grownup in this marriage and that I’m still working out this adult thing. I may have the book sense but he’s got the infinitely more valuable practicality. But every now and then I realise just how much I depend on him, and it’s not something I’m altogether comfortable with.

Will the baby like libraries?

Today I’m over at WAHM-BAM with a guest post I’ve written for Tasha Goddard’s Book Week.