Polenta chocolate cake – gluten-free

Laurence has been pretty much gluten-free for heading towards three months now. So am I…mainly when I’m around him. For him it’s been about finally sorting out a food intolerance. For me, well, I don’t get the impression that gluten overload is brilliant for anyone’s digestive system and since it’s in everything, it doesn’t take much for it to be too much.

Luckily, there are lots of alternatives when it comes to waving goodbye to wheat and gluten. They don’t necessarily have to be expensive either. We buy a 1kg bag of polenta (cornmeal) for £3 from the Caribbean food stores on Stapleton Road in Bristol. The stuff is so stodgy that you literally only need a little bit for just about anything you’re cooking so it can last for months.

I took a look around the internet for gluten-free chocolate cakes but everything got pricey and complicated. I just wasn’t willing to spend a long time on making my own birthday cake and money is tight. So I decided to freestyle and the result was so gorgeous I had to share it.

Gluten-free Polenta Chocolate Cake

16oz dark chocolate (I used silver spoon chocolate chips because they were cheapest in ASDA)
8oz Stork (you could use butter but this is what we had)
4 eggs
3/4 cups caster sugar
1/2 cup polenta

Slowly melt the chocolate and Stork over a gentle heat, mixing continuously. When blended, leave to cool for a bit.
Whisk four eggs, pour the chocolate mix into the bowl and mix, mix, mix.
Add sugar and mix.
Fold in the polenta.
Pour into a prepped baking tin and bake at 150 degrees for 35-40mins
Keep an eye – when your toothpick or fork comes out clean, take it out and let it cool before carefully removing it from the tin. Polenta can make it crumbly.

The next time I make this I want to attempt to make it dairy-free and use low GI sugar alternatives too. If it works, I’ll come back to report.

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