Revillaging episode 5: Understanding the feedback loop – Menstrual cycle awareness

In this episode of the podcast, I speak with Victoria Dufour, a menstrual awareness educator for young people, a forest school teacher and the founder of Nature and Me. It’s a look at what could be if we grew up with menstrual cycle awareness and without menstrual shame. We cover menstrual education for tweens, sex education, women’s circles and even just the way we open up to each other in the day to day. Though we touched a bit on access, I wish we’d thought a bit about how menstrual baggage and miseducation are impacted by cultural norms and systems of oppression, recognising that some bodies are shamed more than others. Then again, the conversation is long enough so perhaps that’s conversation for another guest.

What I loved was the ease with which Victoria kept moving from the personal to the public, recognising that the ordinary conversations we have with the people around us, especially with our children have the potential to accumulate into change on a much larger level. At the same time, she values the transformative power that conversation between two people has on them alone. Making a difference to the people around us is enough.

I recorded this episode back in February but the absorption of the pandemic means that I’m only now releasing it in July and am having to let go of various little hiccups in it as it needs to go out into the world, both out of respect for Victoria’s time and because I think this is a conversation we need to publicly have. We are paying for loss of the village in loneliness but we’re also paying for it in bodily shame.

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