Revillaging podcast episode 1: The culture we’re creating

“If you had a generation of children who grew up with a morality based on empathy rather than judgement, it would totally change the fabric of society.”
– Artemis D Bear, founder of The Garden

The first episode of Revillaging is here! I agonised over letting this loose into the world because I made a lot of technical errors but I reflected that that’s rather like gathering community. We can only learn to do it as we go along – what starts in the head must journey through the rest of us. It takes time.

In this episode, I chat with Artemis D Bear, founder of alternative education project The Garden, a democratic, self-determined community for children in Bristol. Artemis is also a parent, studying for a PGCE – so interfaces with the mainstream education system too – and has a background in environmental policy.

I thought this would be a great place to start the conversation around how we build community. Our own childhoods have led our society to the often fractured place it finds itself in. Changing the way we treat children has the potential to radically shift the culture, which is desperately needed as we look into an uncertain future.

We talk about, amongst other things:

  • How we view children and what we can learn from them
  • Understanding conflict as an opportunity
  • What makes a community work

Dive in.

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Learn more about The Garden on their website, Facebook page and Instagram.

And come talk some more with me about all this. I’m on Instagram: @adelejk, Twitter: @AdeleJK and Facebook: Adele Jarrett-Kerr

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  • Really need more projects like the Garden, more people treating children like the young people they are and respecting their fundamental human rights. Advice or guidance given with consent or even better asked for. Young people self directing – using their time to find who they are so they can live fulfilling lives. Who better to decide on these things than themselves!

    I love the idea of a world where people can be honest about what they need and resolve conflict together rather than running from it or forcing a win-lose. Such important work, thanks for getting this out there!

  • Thank you so much for starting this podcast. It is sorely needed. And you do it in such a gentle and beautiful way – two more things we so badly need! I really enjoyed this episode. It’s got me thinking in more depth about the educational values I hold. We’ve just started our home education journey and hope to join together with others to form an intentional community that offers children the space to grow and learn at their own pace. This has added much fuel to the fire. Thank you ???
    Lisa Harmer recently posted..The curse and gift of eco-awareness