Rugby World Cup kids activity – flags in a cup (printable)

This year’s Rugby World Cup opens this Friday so this printable is just in time. Laurence is well into rugby (I am trying to be a bit more open) and he’d love the girls to get a taste for it too. He’s even taking Talitha to see Fiji and Australia play in Cardiff next week. We thought it would be fun to theme some activities around the Rugby World Cup so he’s put together this flag printable to get us all familiar with the countries playing.

The idea is that we’ll take a flag out every time a team gets knocked out. In the meantime, we’re enjoying which flag goes with which country and look at them on our world map on the wall and in our children’s atlas.

Rugby World Cup kids activity - flags in a cup-2

The back of each flag has the country’s name and is coloured according to pool. For the uninitiated (like me), there are five countries in a pool. They all play each other and the two with the most points (they get points for winning or drawing) move forward. Once that happens, you can remove three flags from each group. You could choose to make it a cup per group but we decided to have all of ours in a cup.

Rugby World Cup kids activity - flags in a cup-3

You will need 20 drinking straws or skewers, glue (a gluestick is easiest), scissors and a print out of the PDF. More detailed instructions in the PDF (download below). Have fun!

Download: Circus-Queen_RWC_2005_flag_printable
Rugby World Cup 2015 kids activity - flags in a cup

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