Seven things I will do when I grow up

When I’m all grown up I’ll…

1. Remember to keep the medicine cabinet fully stocked – running out of paracetamol when I’ve come down with the cold and am only allowed paracetamol is not fun and a real grown up would remember this when healthy.

2. Permanently stop leaving the dirty dishes until the morning, regardless of how tired I am after dinner.

3. Have a designated place for my keys so my reason for being late is no longer the pathetic “I was looking for my keys”.

4. Stop eating family-sized bars of chocolate just because I’m stressed, sad, angry, tired or bored. Or for that matter because I’m happy.

5. Stop obsessively watching rubbish teen programming like 90210 and The Vampire Diaries.

6. Do things rather than write them on a piece of paper and then lose said paper.

7. Stop needing to make lists like this one.

Image: Paul Downey

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