Showing up as myself

[image description: Adele and her youngest child sit in the greenhouse, looking at the camera]

You may have noticed that I’ve changed this website’s name and URL to my own: Adele Jarrett-Kerr.

When I started this blog nine years ago, it was called Circus Queen, bringing the chaotic and performative together as I blogged about new motherhood. In the last few years it’s seen a re-incarnation as Beautiful Tribe, which was meant to denote bringing likeminded people together in an online space but I just haven’t had the energy to really bring that to fruition.

It’s been what it’s been and I’m grateful that I’ve been able to keep writing online and that people do keep reading and interacting.

But it’s time to put my own name on it, partly because I also use this website when I’m pitching for work and partly because I’m ready to show up as myself.

Sometimes the naming of a thing is subconsciously about separating yourself from the thing you’re creating. It feels a little bit safer.

If people didn’t like what I was putting out there, it meant they didn’t like Beautiful Tribe not that they didn’t like me. But, actually, as I grow more into myself, I’m ready to really own what I’m saying, putting my hands up and admitting that I’m just trying stuff, working things out like anyone else and sometimes I’ll get it wrong.

Names can also be about defining a niche, which I never really did all that well. So the rebrand also feels like finally admitting that I flow in lots of different directions as so many of us do.

I’ll continue to write about parenting, home education and family life because that’s where I’m at right now and it’s so important. I’m going to keep diving into how we can love ourselves and each other well. But I also want to really push into how we journey together not just with the people in our immediate households, but also in our wider community contexts.

So this is the experimental stage. I’m not totally sure where it’s all going but I have a few ideas and I’m excited to hopefully take you with me.

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