So you want to be a June baby, huh?

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  • I’ve had that birthday all my life, and it’s a fine date. These days will drag. I suggest renting a film you always meant to see and lying down on the sofa to enjoy one of your last few days. If your luck runs as mine did, your waters will break halfway through. No, I haven’t seen the end of it yet.

    • What film was it? Have a few things ready to watch actually but best of all, I’m loving making my way through Crime and Punishment. Maybe she’ll interrupt me and I’ll never finish reading it?

      • I remember struggling with Anna Karenina and my bag was stolen with it inside…maybe you should try and enjoy Crime and Punishment less? PS. I missed my first induction date too, go on, be a rebel…(although I didn’t have the complication of far away parents so feel free to ignore that x)

  • Got to love the Tiger quote!! And you’re so right – she will come when ready…and this time next month none of this will even matter at all!! Love you xx

  • Rosemary was 3.5 weeks early so, with Eleanor, it felt like she was really late, even though she turned out to be a couple of days early. The last bit is a real struggle physically (at least, it was for me), but at least you have Crime and Punishment to keep you company (and your folks – hope she arrives before they have to go). I was making my way (for around the 20th time) through Jane Austen’s novels with Eleanor, which was perfect.

    Anyway, try to make the most of the last few days and being looked after. She’ll be here soon enough.

    And if you’re getting bored, feel free to throw a Book Week post together 🙂

  • By my 11th day past my due date I almost throttled the 900th person who suggested I “have a nice hot curry”. Apparently in Holland they give you a “due month” rather than a date – sounds much better to me!

    • That is so much better! Yeah, people are just looking for something mildly interesting to say but don’t realise that when you’re this emotionally involved it’s probably better to avoid giving unsolicited and inevitably repetitive advice!

  • Oh no! Just checking in to see if there was any news and can honestly from the bottom of my heart say I know how you feel – I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so cross and miserable as I was this time last week.  Five days on the other side though and I can’t really remember what all the fuss was about – so chin up, that baby will come out in her own good time, I promise!

    ps highly amused that you’re reading C&P. I’m tackling War and Peace, although I have given up temporarily as I’m finding lack of sleep and Tolstoy not the greatest of combinations… what is it about 19th century russian novelists and late pregnancy though?!

    • Congratulations on your new arrival! Hope you get some sleep soon. Thanks, I’m sure you’re right. We’re trying not to overthink it. We’re even trying to project the due date into some distant future mentally. I’ve been trying C&P for a while actually but now I’m more committed to distracting myself, my interest in Tolstoy is renewed. I’m prepared to put it aside should the creature interrupt me though.

  • have been thinking about you. No advice to offer, but couldn’t your mum and dad change their flights and stay longer? Definitely recommend the help if they could 😉

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