Revillaging podcast episode 4: Can I trust you? – Rethinking the workplace with Sohail Coelho

“We are all trying to heal trust and sometimes we’re establishing it, sometimes we’re building on the trust that is inherent and sometimes we’re repairing broken trust.” – Sohail Coelho

When we think about who’s included in our community, on an intimate level rather than community in a purely functional sense, a lot of us wouldn’t include our colleagues. Work is often seen as a space that is separate from the rest of our lives. We show up in it in a competitive, self-protective, performative stance. But increasingly we know that this kind of demarcation and self-armouring is counter-productive.

Sohail Coelho is an executive coach and innovator who works with companies at the intersection of business strategy, creativity and spirituality. He also has a podcast called on Drunk on Spirit and I found his Series 1 episode, “On Leadership: Warrior, Healer, Artist, Sage”, particularly inspiring. He’s currently developing new workshops on trust so we wound up with a lot to talk about around bringing your whole self to the workplace.

Sohail was born in India, grew up in the States and does a far bit of working between places at the minute. I caught up with him over Skype at his apartment in Barcelona.

Please note that there is strong language in this one.

In this episode we touch on:

What we all bring to the environment we work in
How we can begin to build trust
The holistic context of a business
Different economies
How trauma plays out in the workplace
Whether work can be a spiritual community

We also talked a little bit about the work environment we’re trying to create on our biodynamic, regenerative farm here in Cornwall in the UK, Soul Farm.

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Music: Ophelia by Les Haydn

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  • Great interview indeed. Repairing the broken trust is indeed difficult. The biggest ingredient needed to add to the misses puzzle is my spirituality and that’s powerful to hear.
    Mindfulness is spirituality and bringing myself into absolutely everything I do is what seals it all.
    Thanks for this content.
    I just followed you on IG.
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