Summer Crafts: CD Suncatchers #CollectiveBias

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I tried to get some bigger crafts and activities with kids in before the baby came and life inevitably slowed right down and got that bit more chaotic. As it turned out, we managed this windchime made of CD suncatchers literally just before the day Delilah was born.

As in, we started it on the due date, finished it on 40+1, I went into labour that night and she was born the next morning! I wrote the birth story that night so once I’ve reflected, talked it over with Laurence and edited it, I’ll share that here too.

cd suncatcher wind chimes - hobbycraft

Summer is all about making the most of the light. CDs are particularly effective for catching it and what I found was that their size allowed the girls to feel like they completing lots of little projects. So rather than getting bogged down in a large craft, they were keen to do another and another and another, which was particularly useful because we needed to do both sides for our chimes. It’s an ideal summer craft for families, really.

cd suncatcher wind chimes craft - hobbycraft-11

First we went to our local Hobbycraft to get supplies. I’d forgot what fun it is in there and what good value everything is.

cd suncatcher wind chimes craft - hobbycraft-12

I’ll need to make my way back there soon as I want to try tie-dyeing and Talitha wants to get some knitting things. Going there together meant the girls could help me choose what materials they wanted to use, giving them shared ownership of the project.

cd suncatcher wind chimes craft - hobbycraft-10

Here’s what we used:
Music CDs for stripping
Blank DVD-Rs (blank CDs are fine too)
Dimensional fabric paint
Embroidery hoop
Indoor/Outdoor Multi-surface paint
Craft buttons
Embroidery thread
Permanent marker
PVA glue or hot glue
Glitter pony beads

Here’s what we did:

We used a couple of bases in this craft. I stripped a some CDs by making a scratch and taking the labels off with tape so they’d be clear and fully let the light through. The others were actually DVD-Rs we had hanging about that are never going to get used. Though they weren’t clear, they are reflective so catch the light in a different way.

cd suncatcher wind chimes craft - hobbycraft-14

We picked up dimensional fabric paint in Hobbycraft’s sewing section. Using a permanent marker, we drew mandala patterns on the CDs and traced the patterns with the fabric paint.

cd suncatcher wind chimes craft - hobbycraft-6

cd suncatcher wind chimes craft - hobbycraft-5

I was really unsure about what Talitha would make of such a tricky medium but she got the hang of it in no time. We left the patterns to dry overnight then painted them the next day using indoor/outdoor multi-surface paint.

cd suncatcher wind chimes craft - hobbycraft-4

Others, we painted directly without any outline.

cd suncatcher wind chimes craft - hobbycraft-9

For yet others, we stuck buttons on with PVA glue. This worked fine for mine but I should have encouraged the kids to put more glue on theirs as we needed to restick. An alternative would be to use hot glue as the result is immediate and it gives you more options in terms of where you put your finished piece.

cd suncatcher wind chimes craft - hobbycraft-2

We decorated both sides and once everything was dry, I threaded the CDs with embroidery thread and tied them on to the embroidery hoop at varying lengths, adding glitter pony beads at the top of each CD. I also added a couple of lengths of thread to create a handle for the hoop to hang. Now it’s up in our livingroom making everything extra cheerful.

cd suncatcher wind chimes craft - hobbycraft

What do you think? Also, do you have any summer crafts in the pipeline? Anything super easy but effective I might attempt with my big girls with a newborn in tow?

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