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So many times this blog has been a place to talk about breastfeeding; about what it can mean for mothers and children, and about how we can protect it. As more and more Syrian refugees make their way to the Greek islands of Kos and Lesvos, we’re faced with a situation in which supporting breastfeeding is absolutely vital.

UNICEF states “artificial feeding with breast-milk substitutes in an emergency carries high risks of malnutrition, illness and death and is a last resort only when other safer options have first been fully explored and deemed unavailable.”

I think of the breastfeeding support I received when I struggled for months to get things going with Talitha. I can’t imagine hitting difficulty when the stakes are this high.

La Leche League Great Britain (LLLGB), is raising £5000 to help LLL Greece send accredited breastfeeding counselors (volunteers) to Kos and Lesvos to help refugee mothers with information, support and resources to feed their babies safely.

Please consider donating. I know many of us have been moved by what is happening across Europe as Syrian families try to find safety. This is one way we can genuinely help.

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