You asked for a story of survival. So I’m sitting here, opening everything up and wondering what to show you.

There is no war, no famine, no physical disease here. I can’t pretend there’ve been any to avoid disappointing you. I’ve had to live through so little.

Yet, the frightening thing is that this little has been such a strain, I wonder whether I could have survived “real things”.

I could tell you about surviving something that happened in my family a long time ago but in many ways it’s not my story to tell. At least that’s how I feel.

I could also tell you about surviving braces, adolescence, breakups, depressive episodes, migration, my Masters, giving birth… It all seems so small.

These are the little things I’ve had to survive so far. They are things I am surviving. I’ll put them away now somewhere safe.

Maybe when something bigger comes along, they’ll collectively remind me that we are designed to survive. That I can survive.

This post is a response to Nickie at Typecast’s #dosomethingyummy blog prompts for CLIC Sargent’s Yummy Mummy campaign.

Take a look at more responses and consider getting involved.

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