25 weeks pregnant – Out of denial

I hit 25 weeks last Saturday and this week has been about getting a couple of big things sorted and seriously getting my head around the fact that we are actually having another baby. I’ve been anxious about a lot of things lately, both to do with day-to-day living and with the big life change happening this summer when baby number three joins us. Without realising it, I feel tense at the thought of giving birth again. That really surprised me when I stopped long enough to uncover it. Ophelia’s birth was absolutely amazing. It was a calm, empowering home…

What should I do with my placenta?

Don’t let me send you on rummage through my freezer if you’re squeamish. You might stumble across my placenta. Or maybe I should call it Talitha’s placenta? Just when you thought I’d never stop talking about my boobs and the breastfeeding battle they’re engaged in, I bring this in. I know. Sorry. Before getting pregnant I didn’t even know what a placenta was. In fact, I didn’t figure it out until I started writing the birth plan and read about the third stage where you pass this floppy organ the size of a dinner plate out. The more I learned…

Circus Queen finally meets the creature

The circus welcomes its star, long-awaited and affectionately known as the creature, now more appropriately known as Talitha.

Taking the edge off “The Arse”

But, you know what? I’m really fed up of drinking raspberry leaf tea.

Five things to do before the baby comes

At thirty-three weeks pregnant, the countdown has begun. Laurence asked me yesterday if we’re in the third trimester yet. I pray he was joking. At any rate, I’m determined to make the most of these next seven (or five or nine or God alone knows how many) weeks.