And the home birth’s back on (so far)

I’ve learned two lessons in the past three days: babies and bodies aren’t bothered with your plans, and medical tests can get it wrong the first time.

From MY pregnancy to OUR birth

When we found out that we were having a baby, Laurence was keen to say: “We’re pregnant.” I would usually respond along the lines of: “I’m the one whose nipples feel like they’re on fire, who’s losing her waistline and who’s spending mornings – and nights – by the toilet. I think I’m pregnant.”

Consuming life instead of living it

We’ve been talking through our finances recently and I often sigh over “When – if ever – will we be able to buy a house?”, “When will we be able to go to India?”, “Will we be able to afford ballet or football lessons for the creature?” and the list goes on. But the question that trumps all of those is: “What will happen to my career?”