Lost my dignity at The MADs

I’m not sure how a joke about an unused uterus would go down at BAFTA but how else could the self-proclaimed un-broody Muireann Carey-Campbell (Bangs and a Bun) open the Mums and Dads Blog Awards? My day started with demonstrations of nappy-changing, bottle-feeding and babywearing to reassure my brother, his girlfriend and, mostly, myself that they could babysit without the world ending. They were filling in between me leaving for London and Laurence getting home from work. (Quick sidenote: Be ye less stupid – don’t leave your baby for 24 hours if you’re breastfeeding. I thought, “My milk supply is…

Waiting for the real thing

Words I nodded at glassy-eyed and not understanding have gained utmost meaning: hormones like oxytocin, prostaglandins and bromelain. I’ve become an encyclopedia of useless knowledge about anecdotal ways to speed this thing along.

Nominate me for a MAD blog award

I started this blog back in November with a post about what I should call my fetus. It was strange time.