Two months with Delilah

So how’s life with our third baby so far? Ask me again tomorrow. It probably depends on the day. Delilah turned eight weeks earlier this week and it never stops amazing me how much happens in such a short time with babies. I’m not even just talking about the stuff you expect with a new baby, like the high-speed growth or the suddenly meaningful smiles. Sure, she’s breaking out of her 0-3 month clothes and we’re enjoying more awake time. She’s moved well out of sleepy fetus mode and is now looking like her rather than every other newborn (actually,…

First month with Delilah

It’s crazy to think Delilah has been here four weeks already. A month. A month with three children. A month as a family of five. It’s strange to think that a tiny person who mainly sleeps, feeds and excretes has taken up so much space in our lives. Talitha and Ophelia are besotted with her. I wondered if their interest in her would wane but it hasn’t and, thinking about it, it never did between them either. They continue to be in love with each other, always wanting to know where the other is and what the other is doing.…

My three babies – The kittens have lost their happy bits

Now I know why when I told everyone I was getting kittens a few weeks before the baby was due they said, “Wow” or “Are you sure?” I get why my husband kept saying: “It’s a lot of responsibility all at once.” But I’d just point to my burgeoning belly and scoff: “We’re no strangers to responsibility.” Oh naïve, pre-baby Adele. Sign up for my newsletter

Baby’s got milk…only just

A visit from a lactation consultant confirmed what I’d thought from week one. I’ve got a low milk supply.

Smack the mother

“How are you finding being a mum?” I get this question a lot. Understandably. It’s totally meant as a polite something to say.

Baby land: where the world turns slowly

Talitha hasn’t really been gaining weight. She didn’t lose much in the initial postpartum days but excitingly gained that and more by day ten. Two weeks later she’s gained nothing. Two weeks after that…