Seven surprises about breastfeeding an older baby

I feel privileged to be breasteeding my ten-month-old. It shouldn’t be a surprise as it was for the health visitor who visited us a couple of weeks ago. After all breastfeeding, particularly if your baby is under a year, is nothing if not normal. But for me it is a surprise. A delightful one. With a tongue-tie and low milk supply, I was pretty sure our breastfeeding journey was near its end over six months ago. I’m glad we were able to keep going. These are some of the things I would have missed out on otherwise. 1. The distraction…

“Hooray for boobies”

Knowing that I’m the kind of woman who is a bit obsessed likes to talk about breasts, Carolin over at Mummy Alarm tagged me in her breastfeeding meme “Hooray for boobies”. Ok, my loverrr, I’m well up for it. Let the boob chat begin. 1. Why did you choose boob over bottle? Before I got pregnant I wasn’t too bothered about the breastfeeding thing. Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn’t. I was pretty blasé in admitting this, which especially horrified a friend who was trying to convince his wife that she should give breastfeeding a go (she’s ended up breastfeeding…

The GP who “got” breastfeeding

I met a GP last week who “got” breastfeeding. Even if the guy hadn’t prescribed the Domperidone I needed to breastfeed my daughter without supplementing with formula, he was the first medical practitioner I’ve seen who has really understood the importance of breastfeeding on both a medical and emotional level. I’d become disillusioned with medics over the last eight months. Most displayed a shocking lack of support in the face of our breastfeeding difficulty. Maybe they too had begun to believe the NHS “Breast is best” hype which effectively translates: “Breast is ideal but bottle is the norm. Suggesting bottle…

Taking it one breastfeed at a time

I used to make long term breastfeeding plans but recent events have reminded me to enjoy it just one breastfeed at a time.

It was tongue-tie

I hate the fact that I’ve been underfeeding my daughter for all these weeks without knowing it, that I couldn’t work out what was wrong when all the time she was hungry.