The garden and how my innie became an outie

So we accomplished the big move and have left our city flat for a house in an area just outside the city that actually feels oddly rural. Our garden is enormous and that’s not just the city dweller in me speaking. We’ve counted four water features and five bird feeders.

The ‘plan’ is to grow our own vegetables and keep the rest of the garden in a state fit for respectable people, we shall see. I think I’ve killed my poinsettia from Christmas. I’ve been warned to stay away from the basil plant. My mum will remember me moaning about having the water our millions of potted plants.

At least we’ve not got the tropical heat to deal with here. No, instead we have seasons that I have yet to understand, a world of change that leaves me reeling with confusion over dark and light, warmth and cold. Perhaps the gardening will bring me home.

All in all, I’m feeling grateful. As always, money is an issue and the creature kicking about is enough to make me worry from time to time but she also makes me feel strangely connected with nature.

There is life out there and life in here. There are so many little spaces in which I see God.

Oh and while we were moving I coughed my belly button out.

Image: Di the huntress (I will post pictures of the real thing soon. I’m just out and about today)

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