The overnight nappy challenge

I love me a good cloth nappy. First there’s the aesthetic of the cloth bum. Then there’s the knowledge that my baby hasn’t got any creepy chemicals near her nether regions. There’s the relief that we’re not adding to the landfill. Finally, there’s all the money we save by using reusables.

Basically I’m a big fan and I’ve been using cloth nappies from the start – not even the modern stuff. Good old fashioned terry squares, folded, snapped and covered. Apart from needing to put a load on every two or three days, it’s been a breeze.

The night before
But there have been moments, especially when I’ve been ill (and I moan a lot on Twitter so if you follow me you probably realise I get sick a lot), when that added ease of the disposable calls to me. And I’ll succumb.

That’s why I was thrilled to try out Bambino Mio’s new all-in-one nappy, the Miosolo. It’s just like putting on a disposable but it’s cloth through and through: soft, comfy cloth.

This week I join a bunch of other bloggers in trying out the Miosolo and completing a set of challenges:

1. the stay at home challenge
2. the out and about challenge
3. the overnight challenge
4. the dad, grandparents or babysitter challenge
5. the washing & drying challenge

I’m upsetting the order and going for the third challenge first because I’ve just come back from a cross-country trip so haven’t had the time at home to give challenge number one a go.

The overnight challenge is the first one Bambino Mio mentioned when they initially got in touch with me. I was skeptical. You really think your Miosolo nappy can stand up to twelve hours of wee? Can any cloth nappy do that?

Since Talitha hit four months, we’ve been having to do a disposable at night because no amount of nappy padding would save our mattress in the morning.

Last night, she donned the gorgeous green Miosolo nappy, with the extra insert (the Mioboost) and we bedded down for the night. This won’t work, I thought.

The morning after
I got up ready to change her clothes and bedsheets and air the mattress. I didn’t need to.

To my surprise, there wasn’t even the smallest of leaks.

Finally a real nighttime solution! We can properly lose the disposables now.

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