The Sweetest Things

Sweet Eats.

I think I’ve hit on a new obsession this past week. An online friend recommended this book Brilliant Biscuits and now my latest aspiration is to approach this level of icing artistry.

Given, my sister-in-law, Talitha and I didn’t have quite the right tools when we were decorating biscuits for the church Easter family day but, even if we had, we probably still have a bit of a way to go. Ahem.

Iced biscuits

Sweet Age.

Ophelia is now two months old. It is going too fast! She’s out of all her 0-3 month clothes. They’re in a bin liner with the breastfeeding cushion getting ready to be sold or given away because, well, no more babies.

Ophelia 2 months.jpg

She’s smiling loads these days and has even started gurgling in response to us talking to her. It’s so sweet seeing how in love Talitha is with her. She’s taken to curling up next to her in bed in the morning and insisting they share a blanket. She’s started speaking for her too: “Ophelia don’t like that. Ophelia need milky. Ophelia want her mummy.” Ophelia smiles most for Talitha. The rest of the world isn’t in on this thing that’s growing up between them.

Portishead Marina

Sweet Spots.

On Saturday we looked around the house, considering whether we should clean it and decided to go out and look at some boats instead at the marina in Portishead. Between scooting alongside the water, watching some boys fishing and eating at Hall and Woodhouse, it was one of the best afternoons out we’ve had as a family of four.

Family lunch at Hall and Woodhouse .jpg

Sweet Touches.

An online friend, Polly, recently launched her Eco-friendly bath and body products shop, Cariadon, and I could resist buying a few bits. I bought lip balm, sleepy balm and face moisturising balm and they’re the loveliest things I’ve put on my skin – chemical-free too.


Sweet Moments.

My parents recently visited to see us all and meet Ophelia. It’s hard living this far away from them. Their time with the children is always too short and it feels like our relationship is constantly in limbo. They also remind me of a past grown up in far away Trinidad and Tobago, a country that doesn’t feel real when I live here. Did my nineteen years there ever exist when any reminder of it, including my parents, seems increasingly alien? And yet, Britain isn’t really home to me either. Not yet.

My parents

Sweet Entertainments.

On a totally different note, I am loving Channel 4’s New Worlds. It’s set in Restoration Britain when those fleeing persecution under Charles II are colonising America. History in all its complexity it is not but sexy and entertaining it certainly is. Anyone else a fan?

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