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Last week, instead of Talitha starting school, we sort of “officially” started our home education journey as a family. We’re calling it “homeschool” for her benefit and we’ve made a fuss of her starting something new since she was asking lots of questions about friends who were going to school and wondering why she wasn’t. Fortunately, she has lots of friends who are home educated, which makes the whole thing a lot simpler.

She’s been excited, every morning asking if she can do her “homeschool” today.

Essentially, I’ve just been doing more of what I was doing with her before (reading, writing, maths, art and crafts) but with a little more routine and focus because this is something she’s craved. It’s very early days but I’m going to try fitting this special time in with whatever else we’re doing day to day.

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A bit more structure (albeit loose and flexible) wasn’t something totally planned since I’m naturally chaotic. However, it became clear over the past year that we both needed a plan for the day and a regular time set aside to work on things she’s interested in. I’ve been overwhelmed with the constant “Where are we going? Who are we seeing? What are we doing?” and she was frustrated that I wouldn’t always know where the glue was when she wanted to make something or that I just didn’t have the time and energy to sit with some writing when Ophelia or I was having a mid-afternoon slump.

I looked into a curriculum because Talitha is already making strides with “formal” early learning, especially reading (honestly led by her) and because it would be good to be able to grab something that was ready since I also work from home and don’t have a huge amount of free time for planning. Yet I couldn’t find anything complete that felt like a natural fit for both of us so, instead we’re using a mixture of online resources for now, making it as playful and sensory as possible and reading and listening to lots of books.

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There isn’t masses to say about the process just one week in, to be honest. I’m mostly still reading lots around education, thinking about it and praying. I had a little wobble on Wednesday, seeing all the “first day” photos on social media and hoping that I’m making the right choice. I’d feel the same if I were sending her to school. This is probably a first child thing.

It’s been helpful getting out to groups to meet with more seasoned home edders who are all taking lots of different approaches and have kids across a broad age range. We even went to our first “Not back to school” party. I’m really looking forward to the year ahead.

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Every month, I’ll give a little update on what we’ve been up to as part of This Homeschooling Life, a new linky I’m hosting with blogger friends Jess, Polly and Laura. I’m sure I’ll have lots more to share next time around. Do read more about it below and if you blog, consider linking up.

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