This Homeschooling Life – What February looked like

Looking back on the highlights of February, there’s a lot to choose from. But, actually, blogging about it is going to be a little like it was living it – I’m hugely grateful for all we’ve had access to but I’m too tired to dwell much on any of it. Our days at the moment revolve around a few planned fun things then me trying to recover from whatever we’ve done. It’s been amazing seeing both the girls developing in their own right and enjoying each other’s company so immensely.

This homeschooling Life - Fire station

This homeschooling Life - Fire station-2

Big highlights have got to include a field trip to a fire station. Another home ed parent arranged this and it made such an impression.

This homeschooling Life - Fire station-3

The firefighters explained a bit about fire safety, the kids got to try on their helmets (Talitha was sure to tell me how smelly it was!) and explore the fire engine, and we even got to see them get into their gear and dash off to emergencies a couple of times.

This homeschooling Life - Chinese New Year painting

We also really enjoyed the Chinese New Year celebrations at Bristol Museum. We’d been learning about the festival at home, reading books, watching videos, doing crafts and putting up a little display. Talitha got to try her hand at Chinese calligraphy and participated in a dance workshop. Ophelia is still very proud of the monkey picture she stuck sequins and feathers all over. The Bristol University lion dancers were truly the most memorable bit of the day.

This homeschooling Life - Chinese New Year Mask

This homeschooling Life - Chinese New Year Lion Dance

We came to the end of Little House in the Big Woods and Talitha wanted to start another chapter book straight away. I remembered that we somehow managed to forget to continue The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton so we started that again late in February and we’re still enjoying it now. For some reason reading it now is flowing a lot better for both of us. For me, it’s probably because first trimester nausea has passed and for Talitha being that bit older means she’s getting the humour a lot more now.

It’s a bit hit and miss as to whether Ophelia will listen or at least occupy herself while we read or whether she’ll grab the book out of my hands and fling it across the room! She doesn’t really nap anymore so I’m finding ways around this by reading books she chooses beforehand then setting up an activity like playdough or cutting with scissors for her to do while I’m reading to them both.

This homeschooling Life - Spielgaben

Throughout February, Talitha was still using the Alphablocks Reading Programme and loving it. She stopped being keen for a bit so we put it away and then she realised that we’d accidentally skipped a magazine. She soon got back to enjoying that.

Both girls played with the Spielgaben set most days. Ophelia was happy to do her own thing but Talitha wanted “to do something” so she started going through the games and activities in the printed resources.

Talitha also started requesting Reading Eggs again which surprised me because she’d lost interest in it a while ago (I think it may have taken a leap and got a bit difficult). We still have our subscription so she’s back to playing it. Ophelia sits with her and watches, naming everything that comes on screen. How they’ve manages not to fight over it so far, I have no idea.

This homeschooling Life - Leigh Woods

We also did some seasonal bits around Pancake Day, Lent and Trinidad Carnival. But I’ll just say that in passing because it’s late and I don’t have any vaguely thrilling photos to share. Laurence had the day off on Pancake Day so brought the camping stove to our home ed group and cooked pancakes for everyone. We were supposed to go to a National Trust Pancake Day event but we couldn’t find it so ended up just having a play in Leigh Woods instead.

We were also glad to be able to celebrate Laurence and Ophelia’s birthdays all together as a family and to go to the 20-week scan without, as it happened, having to try to book anyone off work or school. Laurence was around quite a lot with the ebb and flow of freelance so we were able to share time with the girls more than usual. That’s seen the girls get outdoors more than they would have done otherwise and do some bits in the garden like planting seeds and shoveling manure(!).

All in all, it was another month to be grateful that we’ve been able to choose this for our girls so far. I must admit that day to day, I question how well I’m doing just about anything (home educating, partnering, parenting, working – y’know, living) but Laurence and I feel very settled that this is what we’ll be doing next year as well. He’s brilliant at encouraging me on days when I just can’t see enough of the positives myself when the kids have gone to bed and I have little energy left over.


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  • The fire station trip looked amazing! Love how Talitha pointed out the helmet was smelly. I think I might check out Reading Eggs, I’m not worried about Cherry having an interest in reading yet but Mr C kind of is, not in the way he wants to force it but just in that we should keep trying new things to see if she becomes a bit more interested in it x

    • Reading Eggs is so good! Definitely worth trialling it anyway. One thing I will say though, as you go on it can take a huge jump, which is why we had to leave it for a bit because suddenly she was finding it frustrating. She can still play the games in the “Playroom” though as they promote literacy too. Another good one to check out is Teach Your Monster to Read by Usborne. It’s completely free and beautifully done.

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