Tipping point – tears for Houla

A week ago at least 105 people were slaughtered in Houla, Syria. 50 are believed to be children. Children as young as babies. Children with their arms tied behind their backs, with limbs cut off, with skulls chopped open, with bullets shot into them at point-blank range.

There is no way to respond to this but with open horror and fervent condemnation. As I bathed my almost one-year-old last night I thought about what I should say in this space, because something must be said. This brutality against innocents cannot go unmarked, unnoticed. All I could think while she gurgled to me and smiled up at me was: “It could have been you.”

What makes these children different from mine other than geography? However limited my understanding of the political situation in Syria may be, I know that these children did not deserve to become casualties of it. I know that we cannot just look on and say: “It’s over there. It’s their problem.”

This is the tipping point.

Today marks a day of protest. We pray for this nation. We cry out for justice for these murders and for an end to the bloodshed. No more children must be killed in this conflict. We insist that aid must be allowed entry.

Join me in urging Russia to stop supplying the Syrian government with arms, to support the referral of Syria to the International Criminal Court and insist that Syrian authorities follow Kofi Annan’s peace plan.

Email the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs through Amnesty International now.

EDIT: Follow the #tippingpoint hashtag on Twitter and visit Brit Mums to read responses to the situation in Syria written by other parent bloggers.

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  • I can’t write as well as this. I just don’t have any words.
    Lets hope governments step up and do something to make sure no other lives are lost.
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