To my future self should she manage to get knocked up again

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  • It will all happen when it happens, trust me (and I found that an afternoon of bending over painting and acupuncture got Littler out when it needed to happen) – there’s anecdotal evidence you need to just comfy on the sofa, relax, have everything ready and think lots about your new baby, sort of getting mentally ready for it all
    oh and drink red wine – if it doesn’t happen you’ll have a great night’s sleep, if it does it’ll relax you – winner!

    Is there a full moon soon?

  • This is a lovely reflective post. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow it to read again if and when I have a second go? 🙂

    My baby did arrive a week early, but everybody else I know had a long wait. Wishing you a peaceful, serene, well-rested time before your beautiful baby arrives.

  • Nice reflection….it’s quite amazing how the entire 9 months – not to mention the actual labour! – seems to evaporate into thin air as time goes by! Not that you’ve lost your memory (most people can regale you with labour stories in gory detail decades after it’s happened!!) No, but I guess somehow the balance of what IS outweighs the pain/discomfort of what WAS.

    I love what you say about ‘never carrying this baby again’ – it’s really learning to live in the moment and find every ounce of gratitude for what IS. A great attitude to have! Something I’m really working on, as I get older – and, btw, it’s quite strange how your ponderings on pregnancy and new life seem to relate to thoughts of growing old. At least, they seem to have so many parallels for ME!

    I guess it’s what I was telling a (young) friend recently: I really KNOW how quickly life can change. In fact, it’s not really a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ – and especially so as we get older… And one of the saddest things to hear is someone longing to ‘go back to the way things were’ – when before their life-changing event occurred, that person spent most of their time wishing things were different! Regret and dissatisfaction on both sides of the event!! What an absolute waste, I think!

    So, much as I COULD look at my life and focus on all that’s missing or wrong with it, and get into that perpetually waiting mode (waiting for things to change, kids to settle down, God to answer prayers, get financially comfortable…etc!!)  I really choose instead to deliberately focus on all that I have and be grateful for what IS. And when you look at it like that, there is always SO much to be grateful for…

    Leave no regrets and live in the moment – just two of the ‘5 Secrets you must discover before you die’ (by John Izzo).

    In a nutshell, that seems to be what you’re saying, and it somehow relates to me as well, so thanks for reminding me!!

    Love you xx

  • This letter could have been written by me this time last year – especially the due date point. And the point about being early or late not being a reflection on your skills as a woman. I actually felt like I had somehow failed when it got to 10 days past the “due date” and people rolled their eyes “you still haven’t had that baby yet? What are you doing?”. Great letter, one to treasure (and show the creature when she’s old enough to appreciate what you went through to have her!). x

  • “You will never feel its little wriggles inside you or touch the imprint its tiny foot makes through your skin again. You will never be able to hold it quite so close to you, knowing that your voice is the strongest one in its life.” — so very true! Beautifully written.

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