Toddler Style: The Christmas Party Look

My mother joked when Talitha was born that she was like my dolly. Part of me thinks she really is – albeit a dolly that’s increasingly growing more independent and forming her own strong opinions on what she wants to wear.


I get so much more pleasure out of seeing her enjoy getting dressed up. It even supersedes the buzz I get when shopping for myself. So when F&F offered me a voucher to style a beautiful party look for my toddler, I really couldn’t resist.


Looking through their Children’s Party Wear range I was sorely tempted by all the fancy frocks but this F&F Tutu Skirt won in the end. It was so floaty, simple but stylish and I figured she’d get lots of use out of it with all the festivities planned for the month ahead. It also pairs perfectly with this F&F Corsage Long Sleeve T-shirt. When Talitha put them on she smiled and exclaimed to me that she was a fairy!


For warmth, I added F&F Grey Cable Tights and an F&F Grey Thermal Vest underneath. I love how all the colourways of this outfit fit together. It was a breeze to mix and match.



The F&F Pearl Effect Rainbow Headband added both warmth and style. Talitha’s not a headband kind of girl generally (she likes holding them rather than wearing them) but she loved the bow on this one so much that she was quite happy to leave it be!


Laurence says I spent way too much time pouring through the website but it’s easy to get lost inside there, especially in the shoe section. The look was glammed up with these gorgeous F&F Lace Overlay Pumps. Talitha mainly likes that they’re shiny and she can put them on by herself, I think.


And what’s a Christmas party look without an iconic Christmas jumper? I had to get an F&F Penguin Jumper for my penguin-obsessed child. Sweet little pom pom on its hat and all.


Throw in a few bangles from Nana, a Santa hat, loads of glitter and a HUGE balloon and we’re ready for the party fun. Let the season begin!

This is our entry for the F&F Children’s Party Wear Challenge. We were given an F&F voucher for the purposes of this post but if you detect the love, that’s because it’s real.

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