Toddlerwearing – an Ergo Stowaway review

I recently gave the Ergo Stowaway baby carrier a test drive and am finally getting my act together to tell you about it. Hence the many, MANY layers we are wearing in these photos. I know, I’m boiling just looking at them!

Anyway, it’s a really clever piece of kit. When I took out of the box it looked so flimsy I thought that there’s no way I’d comfortably carry my heavy toddler in it (she was nearly two when I tried it) or that she’d feel supported enough to want to stay in it. I was wrong on both counts.

I didn’t wear it for hours, granted, mainly because I don’t generally carry her that long anymore. She wants to walk at least some of the time. I think I painlessly could do a few hours with it though.

This is a surprise to me because I found the Ergo Performance just got a bit small when she was around eighteen months. No matter how I adjusted it, it would start to pull on my shoulders after 45 minutes. It could have been a stage we were going through, I guess, and maybe it would be OK now but I don’t have my Performance anymore so I couldn’t say. The Stowaway certainly seems cushioned differently in the shoulders which made a difference to me anyway.

I would say that the carrier was quite low on Talitha at twenty-something months. It didn’t feel unsafe but I wouldn’t have appreciated it when she was going through a stage of throwing herself away from me for fun. She is also a lot more likely to fall asleep when a bit more enclosed by her sling but I know that’s not an issue for a lot of children.

As with all Ergo carriers it’s very easy to put on and get the baby in it and a breeze to adjust too. What, of course, sets this one apart is how it “stows away”. It folds itself into a tiny bag which fits beautifully in your bag. I was concerned that it was going to be a faff to figure this out, especially since I don’t always find Ergo’s instructions the most helpful (but then I really need you to spell it out for me) but it was quite intuitive, I found.

All in all, I think it would be a brilliant buy, especially if you were going to do a lot of travelling. With a younger baby, it would be absolutely fine carrying them in it for hours. It’s also breathable and lightweight so I imagine it deals with the heat quite well too.

Ergobaby lent me an Ergo Stowaway for two weeks for the purposes of this review. I received no compensation, other than satisfaction of my geeky sling curiosity.

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  • Oh, really interesting to read this – we debated for ages about getting a back carrier suitable for toddler Eliza and never got one. I still think it might be worth it for the trip down / up from nursery, and I like how this sounds very small and portable.
    Gill Crawshaw recently posted..Top toys for Christmas 2013

  • Hi, nice to read this… I did want to check if you could help on something – how did you feel about the breathability and coolness compared to the Ergo Performance? It can get upto 35 degrees C where I stay, hence need to plan this purchase carefully!

    • I’ll be honest, I took it in that kind of heat in Trinidad a couple of times and only found it suited evenings or when we were in air conditioning. It was very useful for airports too. It was OK but it was hot. You might find a lightweight ring sling or an African kanga might suit better. I have heard good things about the Solarweave Connecta but I haven’t tried it myself so I couldn’t really say.

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