Toilet Roll Easter Bunnies

Here’s a fun little Easter craft Talitha and I did about a week before Ophelia was born. I’d started to find it difficult to motivate myself to do anything much and going out was not really happening either.

Determined to make this happen for us, I laid out all the materials the night before. When she came downstairs, it was like Christmas!

I’ve tried to start talking with her about Easter. Our faith is such an integral and important part of our lives, we want to honour our children by helping them to understand what and why we believe.

While Christmas was relatively easy (Jesus’ birthday), Easter is tricky for obvious reasons but we’re just really matter of fact about what we’re remembering at this time of year. Talitha doesn’t need to get much more than the message that she is loved right now.

To that end, I find all the iconography that’s become attached to Easter rather helpful now that I’m a parent. Rabbits, chicks and chocolate eggs are fun and speak of celebration to a two-year-old. A cross they don’t yet understand, not so much. So, we’re having all of it.

Easter rabbit craft - Beautiful Tribe

I punched holes at one of the toilet roll ends for threading pipe cleaner through to make bunny ears, painted the lot and stuck on eyes and pom poms once the paint dried. Then the finishing touches were added with a permanent marker. Easiest rabbit craft ever.

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