Top 5 Beauty Regimes for Winter

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Winter can leave us all feeling a bit blah and it’s easy to end up taking even less care over yourself when you’re busy looking after little people. In a bid to give us all a boost as we head into these colder months, I’ve welcomed a post from Beauty Recommended. Here are their top tips for meeting your skin’s wintry needs.

Keeping the skin healthy and beautiful can often feel like a full time job. This is especially true in the winter months. Many women don’t bother changing their beauty regime when winter arrives. However, your skin has different needs at this time of year so sticking with your summer routine may be detrimental.

Unless you change how you care for it, you could end up with a number of skin problems. Here you’ll discover the top five beauty regimes you should adopt in the colder months.

1. Give yourself a facial

Ok so not everyone can afford a professional facial but there are many products available from highstreet and online retailers to help you to give yourself one. It’s one of the best beauty tips for winter you can follow.

A facial helps rejuvenate the skin and eliminate a dull complexion. Ideally aim to have it once a week. Invest in a deep moisturising treatment for best results during the winter as cold temperatures and harsh winds can cause skin to become dry and flakey.

2. Keep it simple

One of the biggest mistakes many women make is clogging their skin up with too many products. Stick to just an exfoliation treatment and nourishing moisturiser for supple winter skin.

3. Don’t forget your eyes

The skin around your eyes can be extremely delicate. If you allow this skin to become dry then it can cause an aged appearance so invest in an eye moisturising treatment and use it once a week. Keeping it in the fridge can help improve results as the cold temperature will help contract and tighten skin to reduce the appearance of creases and puffiness.

Top 5 Beauty Regimes for Winter

4. Drink plenty of water

In the colder months we don’t tend to drink as much water as we do in the summer. This doesn’t help to keep the skin moisturised so if you start to drink more water you’ll soon notice a difference in your complexion.

Aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day.

5. Take pride in your appearance

Taking pride in your appearance takes a little more effort in the winter, so take more care of yourself and feel fabulous in the colder months to avoid your skin looking drab and dull.

Apply make up to add a little colour to your complexion and combine with red lips a light application of blusher for rosy cheeks. If you really want to banish the winter beauty blues, why not consider a spray tan to lock in some of that summer colour?

In association with Beauty Recommended

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