Vegan and Vegetarian Food Guide to London

We used to go to London loads when we lived in Brighton. It was strange to me how normal this fantastical city I’d grown up with in books, songs and films once I moved to this country. It took on a new look for me again when I worked in Sloane Square. And now, every time we visit, I see it through the eyes of my children. London is always changing.

I feel like I want to keep the magic of the city going for them – especially as they actually get to visit the place – so when we take a trip there, I aim to plan ahead to avoid unnecessary stress (not always successfully, mind!). Of course, a big part of that is thinking about somewhere to eat that will be an experience in itself.

Though we’re not vegetarians, Laurence and I have always consumed very little meat. Well, maybe I should edit that to say that since we’ve been together he’s eaten mostly vegetarian food, though he has now got veggie cooking down to a fine art. We see meat as something that should be eaten infrequently.

This has become increasingly so since we started gardening. We’ve become a lot pickier about what we consume and, as we eat up our garden, it’s become natural to choose wholesome vegetarian options whether we’re in or outside our home.

Now that he needs to avoid dairy, we’ve found that eating vegan when out is actually the safest option. It’s surprising what has butter or milk in it once you ask!

That can become a bit of a minefield when out in another city, especially if meeting up with friends. Particularly those who also have dietary restrictions to add to our own. One of my best friends is Muslim and we’ve often ended up choosing vegetarian or vegan as a way of avoiding the issues around halal.

Having a vegan and vegetarian guide like the ones HouseTrip have launched to Paris, Berlin and London just takes the headache out of it all. You can even search by “best for families” and “best for special occasions”. I’m looking forward to giving it a go next time where over in the big smoke.

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