What she wore – dungarees and learning to cycle

You know that feeling you get when your child wears something that you’re pretty sure you’re going to remember them wearing forever? We feel that way every time Talitha grows into one of her uncle’s childhood Osh Kosh B’gosh dungarees.

What she wore - Dungarees-5

This pair is even more loved because my mother-in-law had to replace two of the buttons with buttons that don’t match so even as Talitha wears it, it feels like an object that already carries a lot of memories.

After a summer spent primarily in floaty dresses, regardless of what the whether was doing, it’s been a hard sell getting her back into clothes that are more practical for the rough and tumble of day to day life. But she’s always up for wearing these dungarees.

What she wore - Dungarees

We headed to Leigh Woods for an afternoon romp and a chance for Talitha to practise learning to ride a bike and so the dungarees were a given. We stopped for a snack on a picnic bench and then we were off, stopping every now and then to collect sticks and leaves.

What she wore - Dungarees-3

Since I’m learning myself, I have a lot of sympathy for how difficult it must be though she’s a lot less nervous about the task at hand than I. She’ll probably grow up not even remembering a time when she couldn’t cycle. But I never want to forget seeing her learn.

Dungarees – Seriously ancient Osh Kosh B’Gosh
Cardigan – Frugi

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