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I am definitely a fair weather outdoors explorer – not a trait I want to hand on to my children. I genuinely struggle with the often cold, wet, grey weather here in England. That said, I am so convinced of how valuable a childhood spent outdoors is that I’m unwilling for my aversion to the temperate climate to keep us cooped up indoors.

rainy day play trespass-3

As they say, there’s no such as thing as “bad weather”, just clothing not up to the task. So we’re removing another obstacle by getting the girls kitted out in suitable rainwear and matching, no less. These Skipper girls pink patterned rain suits sent to us by Trespass for review are truly impressive in how well-made they seem. They’re brilliantly water resistant and utterly wind proof – we’ve tested them on a few walks now! I feel like the kids would be fine in a storm. The suits even have reflective stripes for added safety.

I chose them a little big, granted. Ophelia is wearing age 2-3 and Talitha is wearing 5-6. But the braces are adjustable so that’s not been a problem. Talitha loves that they’re matching too. She wants all their clothes to match now. I must capitalise on the cuteness of this while they allow it!

When the suits arrived, both girls were so excited, they wanted to put them on right away. Ophelia is actually trying to get into clothes herself now. She’s really a toddler now, scrabbling about in the mud and the rain in her welly boots with very set ideas of what she wants to do.

rainy day play trespass-2 rainy day play trespass

These suits make me desperate to take them to forest school now! I’m just waiting for us to get a car again. For now we’ll make do with local treks. Foraging for wild garlic maybe? At some point in the not too distant future, they would be perfect for going sailing too.

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